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In 1938, playwright Thorton Wilder wrote “Our Town” an idyllic chronicle of everyday American life; “Their Town” is not that story.

After growing tired of eluding authorities, the younger member of a serial killing duo decides that they should surrender to police. Upon learning of this very rare occurrence, Doctor Alvin Lipton, a top psychiatrist, decides to travel across country to meet the pair. They are then invited to “The Island”, a makeshift village that is entirely populated by others that share their macabre obsession. To aid in their treatment each inmate is given a mundane job.

When a female inmate is brutally murdered, the newly appointed constable is tasked with finding her killer. Authorities will soon step in and return all to the certainty of their death sentences if the crime goes unsolved. With their friendship, as well as their sanity, steadily crumbling, they must find the killer before they self-destruct.